Qualities of Good Website Design and Development

For most businesses, the micro-level here relates to focusing on the website design and its development. However, how do you know if your website design or the development has really proven to be a hit? Based on the current trends, the following are some qualities of good website design and development:

Reader Friendly Fonts

The font of a website plays a huge role in making a visitor stay on the website. If the font is illegible because of font size of font type, you will end up driving your target audience away. Picking the right font type is also important. Comic Sans is a huge no while Arial can look dated. The current favorite is Helvetica and other sans-serif fonts.

Color Combinations

Color has always played a big role in embodying the goals of a company. Many make use of it creatively and a good website design will do the same. Oftentimes though, people tend to go overboard and make use of color schemes that are completely messed up. Remember that color has a major psychological impact on people so dropping the ball here is going to negatively impact your visitors.

Appealing Images

Images are a must have for good website design. You need to find the perfect balance in order to ensure that there is visual appeal as well as text. Keep your main aim in mind too and find what works for you. For some people, minimal text with a lot of pictures works out whereas for others, more text and less pictures works better.

Video Content

Featuring video content is also a great idea as many people love to watch videos more than looking at the images or the text. With the help of the right explainer videos or how-to-videos, you can show off your product as well as increase the conversion rate of your landing pages as well.

Proper SEO

The text you add to your website has to be properly SEO optimized and be appealing enough to capture the attention of the visitor. Weak SEO and poor text will not only make a person not want to visit your site again, it can also build a poor impression of your business.

User Friendly Interface

The last major aspect for good website and development is a user friendly interface. Make sure that the visitors are able to access all areas that they need to. In this manner, they don’t have to get lost in the pages, looking for the content.  It also ensures that the website is optimized to view from different mobile platforms too.

Website Hosting Platforms

Apart from the design of the website, you also need to focus on the hosting platform. In some cases, this can be privately hosted whereas most people make use of platforms such as WordPress.

More than a blogging platform, WordPress takes out a lot of the complications behind website design and development by providing you with the necessary tools to build a good website. The following are a few more benefits behind using WordPress for website design and development:

Better Visibility on Search Engines

WordPress code is very neat and easily shows up in search engines which means that your WordPress hosted website is more likely to show up in the search results with ease. Add in the impact of good SEO and you get to instantly boost your visibility.

No External Software Required

Development and design of a WordPress hosted website doesn’t require the use of external software for HTML such as Dreamweaver of Adobe. You can easily edit, upload and create new pages on WordPress without requiring it.

Easy to Use Dashboard

Customizing and optimizing your website design is simple and easy because of the WordPress Dashboard that ensures that you have all the tools you need to create new pages, showcase image galleries, share video content and more, all with the click of a button.


Want to add more features such as event’s calendar or your Twitter Feed, YouTube Channel and more? You can easily do so by making use of plug-ins. These are extremely versatile and offer you a host of different services. With their help, you can maximize the design of your website with just a click of a button.

Work with the Right Professionals

If you already have website and want to have its design and development evaluated or refreshed, you can easily get in touch with the right professionals. At DMP Marketing Group, our team of skilled experts can easily assess the overall quality of your website and work with you to give you a customized marketing plan that focuses essentially on your company’s growth in the marketplace. Keeping an eye on your budget, our services are pocket-friendly, based on what you require.

For more information regarding our services or to speak to our customer service representatives, please get in touch with us on 914.337.5780 or send us an email at: kent@dmpMarketingGroup.com.

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