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At DMP Marketing Group, we believe that by implementing a properly organized plan, anything can be accomplished. We take pride in understanding our clients’ goals and how they can be accomplished. This holds true for our larger corporate clients, as well as our smaller clients.

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Our first step is to establish what your goals are. What do you want to accomplish? Once we complete your analysis of establishing your target audience, along with your digital footprint in the market and comparing your company to your competition, we can then construct a plan on how to attain your goals. Keep in mind, each client we work with has their own unique challenges inherent to their industries. Whether you are in a highly competitive industry, like an Attorney where Google keyword competition is very costly, or a company that just wants to target a local geographic area, we have the solution for you. There are many factors involved in today’s ever-changing and competitive online market. Google, being the leader with over 90% of the search market and is constantly changing the requirements for ranking along with website development. Just to name a few requirements, Google looks for highly qualified content, links to related and authoritative websites. Also, video and voice are now playing a strong part in search engine ranking. It is important to note, if you are not mobile friendly, don’t invest in anything until your website shows up properly on a Mobile device (Cell Phone).

we have been Working For more than 12 years in The digital marketing industry, and have helped more than 65 companies to grow their business.

What People Say

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Kent and the team at DMP really demystified the process of online advertising. We didn't know search engine marketing from retargeting but Kent clearly outlined our options and explained how they worked. And for a small operation like ours without too many resources, he really helped us maximize our dollars.
Luke Vander Linden
Secretary, The Hundred Year Association of New York
We are very impressed with DMP Marketing. They are responsive with a highly skilled technical team. We highly recommend them for any small to medium company. What a pleasure to deal with!
Clinton W. Blume III.
President, CWB Marketing Group